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USCIS Chief Talks about H4 EAD

USCIS Chief Talks about H4 EAD

Francis Cissna, chief, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, wrote in a letter to 15 lawmakers of the US that Donald Trump, the country’s president, is firm on revoking the working authority of more than 100,000 H1B spouses. In the one page letter, Cissna requested the lawmakers to request Trump to reconsider his decision as it would affect many lives and also the US economy. USCIS is the United States’ visa regulator that is handled by Department of Homeland Security.

USCIS has assured the public that they will be given a chance to provide feedback during the notice and comment period and feel that the writing is already on the walls for H4 work permits. According to the proposed rule, the public will be given 60 days to comment before they go to cast a vote. It looks like Donald Trump’s America First is a major fail. Cissna said that he will be responding to the letter from America’s 15 lawmakers on behalf of Kirstjen Nielsen, chief of Homeland Security and feels that H4 EAD visa serves a wider purpose related to growing the US economy and creating jobs for US workers. He said that the Buy American Hire American policy was put forth to create new guidelines for local Americans to create more jobs for them and also protect them.

H4 visa holders weren’t allowed to work in the US until Barack Obama, former US president, changed the rules in 2015. He introduced the Employment Authorization Document that allows H4 visa holders who have already applied for US green card to work in the country.

Dependents of H1B workers

More than 100,000 H4 visa holders have received the EAD until now. It is renewable for infinite times until the person receives the green card. Mansi Mathur, an H4 EAD visa holder, hopes for the best and is preparing for the worst.

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