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Unselected H1B Applications Returned

Unselected H1B Applications Returned

H1B 2017 Visas Returned

For anyone who applied for an H1B visa to work in a long term specialist position in the United States such as in Law, Engineering, Medicine, Nursing or IT, or even as a fashion model, as there is only a limited mount of visas given out, applying for one is a lot like entering a Visa Lottery. But last month all applications for an H1B visa that were not selected were returned to the applicant. If you have not received a rejection or approval letter then you are advised to ask your prospective employer to contact the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to get further information on your application. Most H1b applicants who were rejected received their letters around six days before it was officially announced in July.

If your prospective US employer has put in their application for you for the 2017 quota and have still not given you any information, then contact them as soon as possible and ask for a copy of your acceptance or rejection letter as they will have been informed by now. You as an employee cannot directly contact USCIS for information about your visa application, as all H1B visa applications have to be made by the company that will be hiring you. If you are unfortunate and have been sent a rejection letter then you can ask the company that wants to hire you for your specialised skills to start putting together an application for H1B 2018, if you are still set on working in the USA, as one rejection, does not mean that you will be rejected upon a second application.

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