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  • Be true and keep it simple
  • Don't fumle or fidget with your hands
  • Always look in the eyes while answering
Types of Questions You’ll Be Asked in An H-1B Visa Interview

Types of Questions You’ll Be Asked in An H-1B Visa Interview

H-1B visa interviews at the embassy are tough. More than the questions being difficult, you are very stressed and nervous and can mess things up. To help you ease the stress, here are some questions that are usually asked in the interview. Remember, giving honest questions will get you selected. Be as clear as you can and don’t fumble or fidget with your hands.

H-1B Visa

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Here are some common questions asked during an H-1B visa interview:

1. General questions

– Why do you want the H-1B visa?

Answer – to find employment in the US.

– Is this the first time you’ve made a passport?

Answer – answer the truth.

– How many times have to visited the US? Do you plan on returning to your country after being in the US for a while?

Answer – answer what you have decided. There is no right or wrong answer, all you have to be is lay out your plan in front of them.

– Have you ever been out of India?

Answer – Answer if it is true or not. If you have visited, mention which countries you’ve traveled to and on what type of visa.

2. Education and qualifications

– Are you studying currently? What is your highest qualification?

Answer – if you are still studying specify in depth what is your course about. Mention your highest qualification correctly.

– For many years are you working in the IT industry?

Answer – tell the truth. Freelance work also counts. If you have no experience, specify so.

3. Sponsor related questions

– How did you find your employer?

Answer – don’t beat around the bush. If you found the employer through a relative mention that.

– How much are you getting paid in the US?

Answer – mention the exact figures.

Keep your questions simple and to the point.

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