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How a Trump’s H1B visa program would look like?

How a Trump’s H1B visa program would look like?

Donald Trump ascended to the throne of U.S presidency on the promise of ‘Making America great again’. He is hard bent to see that his election mandate turned into actions on the ground as soon as possible. Amending H1B visa rules is one of the key concerns among the promises made and crucial in keeping the aspirations of unemployed American youth alive and also to appease his right-wing base.

What Can You Expect from Changed H1B Regulations

Tighter visa regulations would force the employers to hire the local citizens instead of foreigner labor. If amended this is how somewhere Trump’s H1B visa program would like-

1) Do away with Lottery system- Trump aspires to replace lottery system with giving sole preference to talent. Such a scenario would largely benefit talented people who were deprived of their rightful share in the total number of H1B visas.

2) A plunge in Wage standards- The primary reason for giving importance to foreign workers over domestic workers by US companies is because of the high salaries that need to be paid to the local workers. Bringing down wage standards would help them to hire local people itself rather than opting for foreign nationals.

3) Removal of extension-terms to Greencard applicants- Under the current laws H1B visa holders are allowed to stay in the USA for an indefinite period of time if their Permanent residency application is under process. But Trump desires to end with such policy and such a move would force millions of foreigners to return to their home countries until their Greencard application is processed.

Additionally, Trump intends to introduce a merit-based immigration system, on the lines of what Canada and Australia are doing today. With it, he expects to immigration times to get shorter, and only the deserving candidates are getting through the process.

Do these changes happen? We have to wait and watch!

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