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Trump’s Big Announcement on Temporarily Suspending Immigration to the United States.

Trump’s Big Announcement on Temporarily Suspending Immigration to the United States.

Trump has made a big announcement which no wonder was his goal to curb the immigration process from the US. The President of the United States Trump has made an announcement that the immigration programs to the US would be temporarily suspended. The latter also took it to twitter to announce that he would be signing an Executive order to temporarily suspend immigration to the United States.

There was no clarity given by the White House on the categories of immigration programs would be limited or would be applicable to all of the for now. Trump’s administration has always aimed at curbing immigration from United States of America, to make more job opportunities for fellow Americans, but this pandemic situation and the ongoing economic crisis has put a lot of pressure on the administration to take a big decision.

Trump stated that the suspension of immigration is kept in view looking at the economic situation in the US and to create more job opportunities for the American citizens. The non immigrant category visa holders are again into the pressure the consequences on their visa statuses or renewal after the coronavirus outbreak is dealt with.

The decision taken by Trump may also affect the number of Indian aspirants who work in the USA on the various non-immigrant visa categories. While there was a lot of criticism made on the decision taken by the Trump’s administration, Thomas Homan, former Acting Director of USCIS, defended Trump and said its was not about immigration policies alone, but to save the opportunities for the country’s citizens and is in interest to create job opportunities for unemployed Americans during this pandemic condition.

The pandemic in the US has already got the economy to the standstill as over 22 million people in the US has already applied for the unemployment benefits in the last month. It was necessary for some states to re-open to fight with the economic crisis as the coronavirus peak passed away sweeping the whole economy of the United States.

Admist all this, the decision taken by Trump was criticised by many in the country as they strongly believe that immigrants contribute to the economic growth of the United States.

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