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Trump’s Administration Clarified the Suspension on Immigration would be applicable for GreenCard applications only.

Trump’s Administration Clarified the Suspension on Immigration would be applicable for GreenCard applications only.

Trump’s administration gave more clarity to the immigration suspension news that made rounds on the intranet, social media and other news channels. The administration said that the non immigrant programs may not get effected by the executive signing order on the suspension of the immigration program and it would be liable to those who are seeking to apply for the Greencard Visa.

The H-1B holders in the US are allowed to apply for the Greencard which is more like a permanent resident status which can be further extended into a citizenship. The H-1B holders will have complete at least 3- 6 years of stay in order to file a Greencard petition.

Trump’s announcement had been made to create more jobs for Americans in the US admist the coronavirus pandemic. The current suspension is made for 60 days and would be renewed if needed.

The US economy has been at a stand still and the administration fears more job lay-offs, and they want to reserve the job opportunities to the Americans first and than to the immigrants.

Trump has also clarified that the suspension would be only applicable temporarily for the Greencard holders and will not impact the temporary workers entering into the country and other non immigrant visa categories.

But the decision made by Trump to hault Greencard applications to safeguard jobs for Americans, has devasted thousands of applicants seeking permanent resident status in the US. According to Department of Homeland Security over 459000 foreign nationals were issued greencard in 2019 which has seen a drop of 13% when compared to 2018.

Citing the Coronavirus pandemic, the US administration had made dozens of changes to the existing immigration system in the US, which has impacted right from the refugees seeking asylum in the US, to the non immigrant visa holders in the US.

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