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Trump Govt. Tightens the H1B Visa Rules

Trump Govt. Tightens the H1B Visa Rules

Life’s just a lot harder for Indian IT workers and companies as they won’t anymore get the H1B visa for the entire term of three years as it used to be earlier. It means that an H1B visa for the shorter duration will make it impossible for H1B visa holders to get the US green card.

According to a policy memorandum published by the US Citizenship & Immigration Services on February 22, 2018, immigration officials can ask the companies that hire H1B workers for detailed documentation that lists the specific assignments that will be given to the worker. So, now it is up to the immigration officer to approve the application at their discretion. And if the company is not able to satisfy the demands of these immigration officers, it would make it very difficult for H1B companies even to put a petition.

R Chandrasekhar, Nasscom’s president, said that it is going to be difficult for an immigration officer to understand that documents since he might not have any knowledge about it making the process even more complicated. There is going to be a lot of paperwork, and he is sure that one executive order after another will keep coming in. Cyrus D Mehta, managing attorney, and founder, Cyrus D Mehta & Partners, said that the policy only reinforces what H1B employers already know about, but they are asking for more proofs known as Requests for Evidence.

Drop in visa applications

Indian companies use only 20 percent of the 65,000 H1B visas. In the last two years, H1B visa applications filed by Indian IT companies in the US have dropped by 50 percent. R Chandrasekhar says that it doesn’t make sense for the US government to tighten rules since the country is already suffering from a serious shortage of STEM workers. If this continues it is a big problem for the USA.

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