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Trump government Focus on Immigration and Iran in 2018

Trump government Focus on Immigration and Iran in 2018

The holidays are over, and it is time for the American government to get back to work. US President will join office on January 8th, 2018 and the Senate joined on the first Wednesday of January. President Trump’s first year was filled with successes and failures just like any other presidents. One of this major legislative accomplishment was tax overhaul, and failure was the healthcare system. It also marks the president’s first year in the office. So what will this coming year look like?

This year Donald Trump will focus on domestic policy, which includes healthcare, welfare, infrastructure, and immigration. White House press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, said that she expects him to focus on these issues and national security as well. The government is expected to pass another bill by January 19, 2018.

This is how the Trump government will handle the following issues:

National security

Apart from ensuring that the country is safe, Trump is going to be extra careful about terrorists and ISIS militants entering the country. The back to back terror attacks in New York City was an alarm for the US to start taking security seriously.


Trump is very much interested in Iran and wants to build a close relationship with Iranians. He supports the civil protests against the current Iranian rule but is also against the Iranian nuclear deal. The Iranian rule has until now killed 21 people.


Immigration has always been on Trump’s agenda. Trump plans to end the Diversity Visa Program and make the H1B visa only merit-based. He also wants to cut down chain immigration and stop spouses of H1B visa holders from working in the US.

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