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TCS Focus on Training Engineering Graduates Instead of US H1B visa

TCS Focus on Training Engineering Graduates Instead of US H1B visa

Tata Consultancy Services is one of the biggest IT firms in the world and has an office in the United States, from where it conducts most of the research. However, since 2016, TCS has taken a step back from hiring foreign talent on H1B visa and instead training engineering graduates to take up important roles. And Donald Trump has nothing to do with it.

Ajoyendra Mukherjee, executive vice-president and head of global human resources, Tata Consultancy Services, said in an interview that the Aspire online training program started by his company has helped to hire fresh graduates from more than 400 institutes in the country. It is an online program that is open to the last year engineering students who were selected for hiring by TCS during campus interviews. According to Mukherjee, in the past couple years, Aspire courses has helped TCS in determining how soon fresh graduates will get their joining letter. It helps to gamify the process and also ensure that the candidates go through required fundamental technology courses before joining the office.

At the same time, TCS has been encouraging their current employees to keep updating their knowledge as technology moves forward. He informed that the company will soon start finalizing candidates for its 2019 fiscal year program intake. There is a 70 to 72 percent acceptance rate. Mukherjee was asked if there will be a salary hike for freshers. He said that since fresh graduates salary was increased in 2016 to ~340,000 per annum, the company isn’t looking forward to raising it anytime soon.

Hiring and salaries

TCS only hires postgraduate and Ph.D. students from institutes with A + grade for their research team. They have specific pay scales for engineering graduates belonging to special fields including cybersecurity and winners of TCS CodeVita and hackathons. In 2017, TCS hired 4,118 new employees, which is the highest in the fiscal year in the US.

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