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Shortage of H1B Workers Will Affect US Companies

Shortage of H1B Workers Will Affect US Companies

According to Rishad Premji, NASSCOM Chairman, the United States will have a job vacancy of 2.4 million jobs by 2020. He also mentioned that it is essential to keep sentiments away from facts regarding the H1B visa program. Hundreds of tech firms in the United States are dependent on the program for filling top positions in their companies. India is the top source country for H1B workers, followed by China in the second position and South Korea in the third. NASSCOM Chairman also revealed that Indian IT firms in the US including Tata Consultancy Services, Wipro, and Infosys utilize only 10,000 of total H1B visas issued yearly. The remaining go to American firms.

However, 70 percent of H1B visas issued annually go to India, nine percent go to Chinese nationals, and the remaining are distributed among rest of the nationalities including South Korea, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. The scarcity of 2.4 million workers by 2020 is a very huge issue. US Labor Department revealed the fact and the shortage will be in the fields of Mathematics, Engineering, Technology, and Science with more than 50 percent being in the information, technology, and computer sector. Trump administration canceling H4 work visas will make the issue even more difficult.

US tech world

Premji said that the US tech world currently comprises of seven million workers. Trump administration has enhanced scrutiny of the H1B visa program, but the president doesn’t know how seriously it will affect the American economy in the future. Big tech companies like Dell Technologies and Microsoft have stepped up their game and have made public announcements about standing for their H1B workers if Trump administration tries to end their stay in the United States. Trump administration will soon be giving a decision over the working authority of H4 EAD workers.

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