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    H1B visa is an employment-based, non-immigrant visa category for short-term workers. An employer must offer a job and apply for the individual’s H1B visa petition with US Immigration Department and to have an H1B visa issued.

    Who is eligible for H1B visa?

    The H1B visa is issued to the individuals who are specialized in their respective fields and to obtain the H1B visa a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent is required.

    Annual Distribution of H1B visa:

    H1B distributions vary time to time. For the fiscal year 2017, the H1B cap is expected to be 65,000. For the individuals who have a U.S master’s degree or higher advanced degree, the H1B cap is available for 20,000 petitions. If USCIS receives more than 20,000 petitions then a computer generated random selection process will be done to select 20,000 petitions. The process is also known as ‘lottery’ system.

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    Source: http://visalearning.com/h1b-visa-all-about-it/