Can I travel to Canada or any nearby country for an H1B stamping?

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I had my H1B got extended last year but stamping has been expired. I have been told to get it stamped when i go back to my home country(India). But I\’m planning to visit Canada in some time. Can i get my stamping done there ?

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  1. Please briefly explain why you feel this answer should be reported .


    Technically Yes, You can. But please Keep in mind though that, first of all, you will need a visitor visa to Canada. Second of all, you will be treated by a US consulate as a third party national, meaning they may choose to reject reviewing your application because they are not well equipped to vet tour background. For an extension, the risk is small but still, exists.

    Now, as a holder of a valid status and an expired visa for the same status, you can travel to Canada for up to 30 days and reenter on your expired visa. That is unless your application gets rejected for visa stamping during your visit.

    If you can arrange for an India stamping, it’s highly preferable. If you want to test your luck in Canada go for it, chances are on your side, but you should understand the risks.