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No Green Card hassles for H1B holders

No Green Card hassles for H1B holders

More than 1.5 million Indians on H1B are on the US Green Card wait list for employment-based permanent residency. The number is so huge because the US government has set a limit on the number of employment-based green cards to be given out every year. Some professions have to wait for as much as 70 years to get the green card, which is insane.

Starting February 12, 2018, the Congress sat for discussing the H1B visa, DACA policy, and other immigration policies. Any system that received 60 votes get So why are Indians so interested in it? The average wait time for an H1B visa holder to get the US green card is 15 years and by that time children become older than 21 years old. They can no more come under their parent’s application and have to apply for their own H1B visa. And during this discussion, there is a chance that the cap for employment-based green card allotment. One of the H1B workers in the US was heard saying that if they remove the cap, then the green card waitlist will move faster. That’ll be enough for them for right now.

Harshit Chatur, Houston, Texas, said that the government should end green card caps, recover green cards given to frauds, increase the number of H1B visas, and remove the dependents count for an H1B visa. It isn’t as easier as it sounds because the US is a big country and members of the Congress will have varying views, but it can be given a try. A few months ago, over 100 H1B marched to the White House for requesting the Congress to lift the green card cap.

For 27 years

Ever since its inception 27 years ago, the H1B visa has become the necessary visa for the country’s economy. Even though Trump denies it, the US economy is strong because of the H1B workers.

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