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New US Policy Says Without Notice Applicants H-1B Visas Can Be Denied

New US Policy Says Without Notice Applicants H-1B Visas Can Be Denied

For highly-skilled international workers asking for a distinct work visa or an expansion, the stakes associated just got a complete lot greater.

The Citizenship of U.S. and Immigration Services newly updated its direction, practicing a much stringent path to accepting applications that are mainly filed by those attempting work in the technology industry.

Below the current policy, which comes into effect Sept 11, representatives will be able to refuse applications considered incomplete or including mistakes, without first demanding candidates to approach the flaw or notifying them of an intention to withdraw their submission. Newly the agency also increased the variety of cases for which it would start the eliminating process international nationals to incorporate those whose immigration privileges, such as the status of work, have been rejected.

Updates May Affect H-1b Visa Applicants

The updates would make small mistakes on filings commence to severe consequences like expulsion and are part of “a widespread trend of U.S.C.I.S becoming more of an executive agency than an agency of immigrant profits,” Pierce said. The U.S.C.I.S in February refreshed its mission statement to eliminate evidence to the U.S. as a “country of immigrants” and rather included writing on “protecting Americans” and “securing the homeland.”

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