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New Immigration Plan by Trump Brings New Hope for Green Cards

New Immigration Plan by Trump Brings New Hope for Green Cards

Chinese immigrants living in the US are hopeful that Donald Trump’s immigration plan will speed up the allotment of green cards. Both Indian and Chinese H1B holders in the US have welcomed the immigration policy with open hands. Even though it is just a bill, it has already raised expectations of everyone around.

During his announcement on Tuesday, January 30th, 2018, US President, Donald Trump, said that he plans to abolish the US visa lottery system and chain migration, which is used to sponsor US visa for relatives. He said that randomly giving out visas to anyone without considering their skills, safety, or merit, is not good because the country wants to move towards a merit-based immigration system. Through the program, people who are skilled want to work in the US, contribute to the society, and respect and love America will be selected. Chain immigration is one through which one single US visa can bring hundreds of relatives into the country.

Under their current plan, only immediate family members including spouse and minor children will be allowed to enter in the US on the residency basis. It is not only essential for the country’s economy but also security and the future. John Hu, an immigration consultant in Hong Kong, said that if Trump starts a points-based immigration system, more opportunities will open for the skilled immigrants.

Positive move for Chinese international students and workers

The US gave around 35,350 immigrant visas to people from mainland China and 1,128 visas to people from Hong Kong. These numbers contain both, those who went on a relative’s visa and H1B visa holders. Stopping chain immigration means shorter waiting queue for Chinese international students and workers living in the US. There will still be a very small quota for siblings, parents, and low skilled workers but the majority will go to high skilled workers.

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