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Indians are immune to Trump’s immigration blow in the United States. Trump administration may invite more E-B5 investors to the US.

Indians are immune to Trump’s immigration blow in the United States. Trump administration may invite more E-B5 investors to the US.

With the kind of support the US gets from India and Indians during this pandemic it was quited expected that Indians should be sheilded or be immuned to the moves taken by Trump’s administration towards aggressive measures into immigration and deportation in the view of scrambling the covid-19 crisis in the US.

Likewise, The President of the United States, Donald Trump has signed a proclamation that the law will not apply to the citizens, permanent residents, those in fields of science and healthcare medics fighting the Covid-19, also those who are applying under E-B5 scheme(investor program) and a few other programs.

Trump clarified further stating that this rule is applicable only to those who are new applicants for Greencard status in the US for a period of 60 days. This pause will essentially help the Americans to sustain or get employed in the US, which according to the Trump should be the first preference of the country right now.

This clarifies that the H-1B visas which contributes the most from Indians remain untouched. Indian Students as of now are not affected too by this rule.

Despite Covid-19 outbreak, the Indian EB-5 investors to get benefited as the administration has decided to fast-route the Investor visas processing time line for those who are able to invest on and above $900,000 into the US.

Since Trump’s  focus in now to increase the job opportunities for local Americans, those applying under E-B5 must showcase to provide jobs to at least 10 Americans to improve their chances to get E-B5 visa processed faster. Around  a 10000 visas are issued under this category with a limit of 700 per country.

According to the experts Foreign students contribute a major part to the US ecomony in terms of the fees paid to to the universities by these foreign students. Hence the impact on the foreign students willing to study or are studying in the US would be minimal, but if there is curb on the H-1B visas, these applications may also see a decline as a lot of foreign students apply for Student Visa in the United States as it is a gateway for them to get an H-1B which inturn in the long-run increase their chances to obtain a Greencard and the US citizenship.

However, it is still to be ascertained as to what additional changes would Trump administration would get to the immigration policies in the United States for Indians and for many others in the US on non-immigrant visas right now.

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