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Indians Are Happy with Trump Immigration Plan

Indians Are Happy with Trump Immigration Plan

It seems like Indian immigrants are finally starting to like Donald Trump. The US president has always been a topic of discussion among Indians, especially those working in the US on an H1B visa. For long, the president has pushed for a merit-based immigration system and abolishing the diversity visa program.

In his speech on February 1st, 2018, Trump said that it is time to move ahead with a merit-based immigration system, the one that takes in skilled immigrants who want to work and contribute to the American society. He is looking for people who love and respect the US. Later, the White House commented that low-skilled immigrants entering the country in large numbers have reduced wages, harmed the local worker, and stressed the federal resources. The US grants around one million green cards annually. Only 80,000 of them are granted to employment-based applicants. Because of this, H1B applicants have to wait for at least a decade to get their green cards. Some professions need to remain for as long as 70 years.

The White House acknowledged Canada and Australia’s merit-based immigration and said that the US wants to start something similar to that. The sources also said that a while ago the White House conducted a poll on non-immigrants. Around 79 percent of them chose merit-based immigration in the poll. According to the reports, approximately two million H1B workers are stuck in the green card queue. Since anyone above 21 is considered self-dependent, the children after turning 21-years old have to get out of the queue and get an H1B visa.

A merit-based system

So when a merit-based system comes into action, the green card queue will speed up by 50,000 allocations yearly since it stops chain immigration and diversity visa program. It certainly is excellent news for Indian workers, most of whom have a master’s degree from the US.

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