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Indian Commerce Minister Going to Speak  About H1B visa with US Govt

Indian Commerce Minister Going to Speak About H1B visa with US Govt

Suresh Prabhu, Commerce and Industry Minister of India, is scheduled to visit the United States in this month to talk about various trade-related issues and H1B visa program. The major issue he is going to talk about is import duty hike on steel. During his five-day visit that will begin on June 10, 2018, Prabhu will visit New York and Washington DC, where he will discuss the issues with the US Trade Representative committee and American commerce secretary. A representative from the Commerce Ministry said that apart from government officials, Prabhu is scheduled to attend meetings with business heads, trade groups, and private players. India is an important trade partner of the United States and import duty hike on steel might severely affect their relationship.

The hike was announced in Donald Trump, US President, recently and will severely affect the $110 billion Indian outsourcing industry. Along with the hike in fees, the US government has also increased restrictions that have made it very difficult to conduct inter-country trade. It increases the cost of operations, which will, in turn, affect the service sector severely.

Talking about the H1B issue

Another issue that Prabhu will significantly discuss during the meeting is H1B visa program and H4 EAD visa working situation. It is only a matter of few days, and we will know Trump administration’s final decision regarding the working authority of H4 workers. Sushma Swaraj, external affairs minister of India, said that she will talk with her American counterparts and sort out the issue as much as possible.

Swaraj said that her department is currently in talks with the White House, US Congress, State Department administration, and the Senate. She wants to make sure that Trump administration isn’t canceling working authorities because 93 percent of H4 EAD visa holders are Indians. They are working hard to convince Trump not to revoke the authorities

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