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  • Become a US citizen after working there for five years
  • Employment-based permanent residency is the only way for Indians
  • Process is simple but takes a lot of time
How To Get A Green Card Through H-1B Visa

How To Get A Green Card Through H-1B Visa

The H-1B visa is a non-immigrant visa and the US green card is an immigrant visa. Many people go to the US on the H-1B visa but ultimately settle there after getting the US green card. H-1B visa workers get an employment-based green card.

Source: Foreign Policy

If you are planning to apply for the US green card, here are some things that will you get started with it:

1. PERM labor certification

The prerequisite for applying for an immigrant visa is getting a PERM labor certification. To get the PERM labor certification, you have to fulfill certain requirements. Once you receive it, your employer will have to file for an immigration visa for you.

2. Adjustment of status

There aren’t much steps in the process, but each process takes a lot of time. Once you get the immigrant visa, your employer has to apply for an adjustment of status of your visa. In this step, the employer requests the government to transfer your non-immigrant visa to permanent residency visa.

3. Personal interview

Before 2017, you didn’t need to appear for a personal interview. Trump government made it compulsory for every employment-based permanent residency visa applicant to give a personal interview. There is nothing serious about the personal interview. The officers only want to verify all information as mentioned in the petition. It has made the process very efficient and quickens it as well. Soon, the USCIS will start including personal interviews in other categories as well.


The USCIS started interviewing people October 1 2017 onwards. The questions are pretty general, though no one knows yet what the officials have actually asked. Most H-1B experts feel that the personal interview will be very similar to the one they ask at the US Consulate. After three years being on the US green card, you can apply for US citizenship.

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