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  • Are you studying in the F1
  • Try getting an OPT visa
  • STEM students get 17 months of stay on OPT visa
How Can You Work in the US After Completing Education?

How Can You Work in the US After Completing Education?

Are you planning to work in the US after finishing your education? You need to apply for a F1 visa to study in the US. And then for working in the country, you have to switch to the H-1B visa. For you to get your visa changed, there are two paths. You can either change it from F1 to H-1B directly. Or you can change from F1 to optional practical training visa and then to H-1B visa. Any way is fine, unless and until you get a job and settle in the US.

Source: Amtrak

What is optional practical training?

Optional practical training or OPT is an American visa program that allows you to work in the US for 12 months. During this time you can gain valuable experience in your field and also find an H-1B sponsoring employee. If you belong to the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), you get an OPT visa for 17 months.

How can I go for H-1B visa?

H-1B visa lets you to work in the US for three to six years. It is sponsored by your employer. The visa lets you travel in and out of the US as many times you want unless your H-1B visa is valid. The visa is given to highly skilled individuals that are needed in the US for their practical and theoretical knowledge in a specialized field. Using this visa, you can get your wife and children to the US using an H4 visa. It is a dependent visa and your spouse can work only after getting an EAD.


Students find the Optional practical training way the easiest to start with. In that time, you can also get selected in a company somewhere out of the US. Students with exceptionally high scores directly get the H-1B visa through employers. Most of them get selected during campus interviews only.

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