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  • Check passport for errors
  • Always carry wedding album as proof
  • Visa given within 2 to 4 weeks
Here’s How You Can Bring Your Spouse to the US

Here’s How You Can Bring Your Spouse to the US

Are you currently studying in the US? If you are getting married soon or want to settle in the US, how to get your spouse in the country will be your biggest question. Since you’ll settling in the country, you will need H-1B visa. Once you get the H-1B visa, you can get your spouse to the US on a dependent visa – H4 visa.

Source: The Huffington Post India

It is a rather simple process but requires a lot of documents. To guide you through the entire process, we’ve made a list of things that you should know.

1. Name of your spouse

Be clear if you want to keep your spouse to keep the last name after marriage or change it to your surname. If you are going to change the name, you need to mention it in the petition and also change it in the passport.

2. Wedding album as proof

When you go for the visa interview, you need to carry your wedding album as a proof. Ideally, the album should have a lot of photos and your spouse and you should be able to spot as the bride and the groom. The photos must be clear.

3. Check for errors of typing

It happens rarely but your name can be misprinted in the passport. It is a sad situation and you need to immediately rectify it. Also, check if your name and surname are spelled correctly.

4. Things a person can do on H4 visa

Your spouse will be able to get a driver’s license and work in the US as well. He or she can also pursue education of any type ranging from undergraduate, postgraduate, or some certificate course. He or she can also open a bank account and can apply for a tax ID as well.

Once your child is born, he or she automatically gets the H4 visa.

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