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H4 Visa Holders Plans to Switch for H1B Visa

H4 Visa Holders Plans to Switch for H1B Visa

With the US Senate Judiciary Committee has announced that it plans to remove H4 working authority, dependent spouses of H1B workers have no option but convert their H4 visa to H1B visa or give up on their career. There are more than 100,000 H4 workers who are having working authority currently working in the United States, and more 36,000 will be issued by June 2018.

R Chandrashekhar, former Nasscom president, said that canceling H4 visa working authority will make H1B visa program less attractive for Indian IT professionals, especially for married professionals who have children, because it takes two people earning money to raise a family. Michael Kugelman, senior associate, Woodrow Wilson Center, Washington feels that it will have a major impact on Indian spouses who wait for their future in the United States. For the last two fiscal years, Indians received around 75 percent of H1B visas.

The USCIS suspended premium processing of H1B applications in March 2018, making the whole acquiring process very tedious. The complications will drive skilled foreign labor to other developed countries including Canada and Australia and even though they might not earn as well as they might in the United States. And as expected, it will affect the American economy as the labor shortage will increase. Chandrashekhar pointed out that US tech companies need skilled workers. They have exhausted all high-skilled American workforce and need foreign labor to fill up the demand.

Shortage is huge

According to sources, there is still a two million skilled workers demand in STEM field, out of which one million jobs are in the IT and computer science sectors. Indian PM Narendra Modi and Donald Trump made a lot of strategic planning, but there have been none positive economic outcomes, then may it be the visa regulations talk or bilateral trade relations.

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