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H-1B Visa holders can be pivotal to post COVID-19 economic recovery-US Tech Giants.

H-1B Visa holders can be pivotal to post COVID-19 economic recovery-US Tech Giants.

US Tech Giants aren’t convinced about Trump’s administration proposal of temporarily holding the non-immigrant visa categories from entering into the US on employment basis. The big Tech Giants as Google, Amazon, IBM, Facebook, Accenture are among those to file a petition to Trump’s administration to allow highly skilled worker visa as they will be pivotal to US economic reform after the COVID-19 pandemic.

A letter was addressed to the US administration by Washington-based advocacy ITI, counting several companies which are anxious to get their workers back to work as the labour market shows promising improvement, the letter has mentioned that the foreign born highly skilled workers who work on the most sought after H-1B non immigrant visa category in the US are of a vital important to the economic recovery trends and that the administration must reconsider their proposal to suspend the non-immigrant category employment based visas to the US.

According to the US Chamber of Commerce, CEO Tom Donohue, “If the companies are restricted to hire the H-1B workers or continue to retain their H-1B workers, innovation and productivity would suffer greatly to the detriment of the overall economy.” He also mentioned that the disruptions in the processing of L-1 and H-1B category employment based visa programs would hamper businesses ability to plan on a long-term basis.

Amid several petitions/proposals and the discussions made by tech giants, business leaders and career experts, the White house spokesperson Hogan Gidley said that the administration is evaluating a wide range of options, formulated by Career experts to protect American workers and US job seekers and hence no decision has been made until now.

The Tech Giants however, points that even in the situation of pandemic, in May’2020, one in four high skilled tech workers, nationwide in the US tech sectors were immigrants. These tech giants are enabling many Americans, including the foreign born workers to continue to work remotely due to COVID-19 pandemic, as it also enables the US economy to move into digitalisation to maintain vital digital infrastructure to keep the businesses running securely and people being connected virtually.

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