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GreenCard applicants have seen the waiver of Interviews in the US admist Covid-19 Crisis.

GreenCard applicants have seen the waiver of Interviews in the US admist Covid-19 Crisis.

Green card interviews waived off for a lot of applicants admist Covid-19 crisis. An attorney from the US has reported that some of their clients have been waived off, of the interview process and the clients have started receiving the Greencards approval in the mails.

Due to Covid the USCIS is shut and hence the processing of various immigration applications were put on hold, which has also created a chaos of how the backlog of the files will be processed by the USCIS for those who are waiting for their applications to be processed. Though USCIS has not made any official announcement on the waiver of the Greencard interviews, but a lot of applicants have received mails on their approval status. For those where the USCIS needed more evidences on labour certification etc… were sent notification to submit them through emails.

The Medicals process would be scheduled for these applicants and the issuance of the Greencard would be done. Even the applicants who have made a family registrations on the basis of marriage has also received Greencard statuses on the email. This seem to be taken in account on the prediction of the number of files which would pile up once the USCIS re-opens after the Covid-19 crisis is over.

The Labour extension processes are also speeded up. The USCIS has asked the applicants to submit the labour certification proof and other required documents online and the status of the same is been shared with the applicants online through mail. The biometric procedures have been waived off and the USCIS mentioned that the earlier done biometrics would be now taken into consideration until the Covid-19 outbreak prevails. The applicants are asked to submit the electronic signature in place of the original signature to avoid face to face interview process and any such process which involve physical presence of the applicant at the immigration offices.

Even for the work permit applications which were kept pending would be done via online submission of the required documents and the electronic signatures in place of the usual biometric procedures. Though this cannot be considered as an official announcement on the interviews and biometric processes being waived off, but as a result of the acceptance on the mails can be considered to complete the majority of the process before the USCIS becomes fully operative.

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