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Frequently Asked Questions in H1b Visa Interview

Frequently Asked Questions in H1b Visa Interview

If you are attending an H1B Visa Interview, then you have traveled almost half of the journey victoriously. You are just one step away far from holding an H1B visa in your hand. The interview is the fourth stage in H1B visa application process, where the applicant is required to attend for an interview in US embassy or consulate located in his home country.

As a result, you cannot take any chances and need to ensure that you perform well in it. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions in an H1B interview-

1) What’s your current job?
2) What’s your salary?
3) Why do you wish to work in the USA?
4) What is the annual turnover of the company you are going to work for in the USA?
5) How long do you wish to stay in the USA and what do you do upon the expiry of your H1B visa?
6) Is this one your first H1B interview?

Acing the Interview

Yes, the questions aren’t difficult – however, you need to convince your interviewer that you fit well into the H1B program.

You can expect questions mostly on the company you are going to work for, and you are expected to have a decent knowledge of the rules and regulations of H1B visa.

If you are new to the company, try to gather some information on the company which hired you so that you need not struggle or remain blank when a question is posed in the interview.

The interview may also consist of some questions on your personal life, for example, they will ask your perception towards America and their culture and what measures do you take in order to integrate with the local culture and traditions. They might be tricky therefore always try to reply with an ideal answer.

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