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Fate of H1B visa After Reviewing of H1B Visa Program

Fate of H1B visa After Reviewing of H1B Visa Program

Donald Trump, president of the United States, ordered a review of the H1B visa program in the year 2017, threatening H1B workers that their days in the country were over. Now that the dust is more or less settled, H1B workers aren’t as scared as Trump as they were a year ago. Sai Kumar, an H1B worker from Atlanta, said that whatever is going on will balance the supply and demand equation. By that, he meant the entry barriers will become difficult to crack so that highly skilled workers don’t flood the United States. On the other hand, the existing ones will have to put in more hours and Intel to fulfill their companies’ demands.

Another H1B visa holder from Accenture feels that if Trump continues like this, he will get to stay for a second term as he is winning hearts of the white Americans. The visa holder handles a team at Accenture and revealed that when he is short of workers, he has to go through multiple layers of US worker possibilities. First, he looks for a full-time recruitment, after that a contractor, and goes to the option of H1B in the end. People in the office are being more careful now, and it wasn’t the same a few months ago.

Difficult to investigate abuse and fraud

John Kelly, Homeland Security Secretary, sent a letter to Donald Trump addressing his department’s difficulty in investing abuse and fraud because there are many loopholes in the H1B program. There’s an urgent need to reform the system because the fraud and abuses pose a threat to local American workers. Chuck Grassley, senator from Iowa, signed the letter along with three members of the US Congress and three Senators. Grassley is the same senator who introduced the H-1B and L-1 Visa Reform Act of 2017 in the US Congress.

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