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Do’s and Don’ts to Remember While Studying in a Foreign Country

Do’s and Don’ts to Remember While Studying in a Foreign Country

Looking to settle down with your h1b visa in the U.S? Wondering what could be the right study option for your child?

Studying in a new place is difficult especially if you are going to a foreign country. No matter how many people you asked about the place before going there, it is always a hassle to adjust. Not that you do things intentionally, but sometimes, some mistakes might cost a lot.

Here is a list of do’s and don’ts to remember while studying in a foreign country:


– Respect your home country and foreign country equally. Both countries have a different culture, and you will always learn something out of it. If you disrespect your country, it shows that you weren’t a good citizen and if you disrespect the other country, the locals will undoubtedly bash you up.

– Travel with locals. You need to travel more and meet locals to know more about your city. Always carry a small book or journal with you to note down the important stuff. They will give the best advice because they know everything about their city.

– Cook at home as much as possible. Though there might be cheap eating out or take away available, it also is the easiest way to become obese. Buy healthy ingredients and cook for yourself. You can even plan your meals in advance and prepare a few things well in advance like mash potatoes and boiled corn on the cob.


– Don’t pity yourself for feeling homesick. This was a choice you made, so it doesn’t make sense you lock yourself down for feeling homesick. Also, you aren’t the only person who has left their country and come to study in a foreign country.

– Don’t go around making friends. Enjoy campus life and making new friends is different than making random friends who will put you in trouble. Be wise while choosing your friends.

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