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Dell Technologies Support H1B Workers

Dell Technologies Support H1B Workers

While Trump administration wants to abolish H4 visa system that is a possible threat to H1B visa program, US tech companies are doing their best not to let that happen, and Dell Technologies is no different. Tom Sweet, chief financial officer, Dell Technologies, is one of those who have recognized the need and importance of technical talents from India. Every year, the United States issues 65,000 H1B visas every year, and 70 percent of them go to skilled Indian professionals.

During an event held by the company called Sweet on Sunday in Las Vegas, he mentioned that the firm has extensive operations and functions in India to support global activity, making the country an important center for them. He said that Dell Technologies is planning to make big investments into talents in India so that they are eligible for global engineering jobs. Dell is solely targeting on India because investments are most profitable in the country. Also, skilled Indian professionals bring a broader set of capabilities to the labor market, which is needed in the tech world.

India is one of the top 10 markets for Dell Technologies and is seeing a rising amount of interest from home-grown companies on deep learning capabilities and machine learning of the company’s products. Even though the US government hasn’t changed anything regarding the H1B visa system, a lot of legislative proposals have been made, which has created unrest in the H1B Indian community.

The onslaught on H1B work visa system

Donald Trump wants to make extreme changes to the H1B visa system so that only the best and brightest get the visa. He wants to change the lottery-based system into a merit-based one, which will be the most significant change to the program until today. However, immigration experts believe that if Trump makes many changes, the future governments will have to revisit the policy to change them back.

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