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Canada Will Benefit if Trump Ends Work Permit for H1B Visa Spouses

Canada Will Benefit if Trump Ends Work Permit for H1B Visa Spouses

After Trump announced that his government would make getting H1B visa difficult, Canada saw a new ray of hope for its tech industry. Around 15 percent of the tech force in the United States of America is Indians, making it the largest foreign group there. By complicating the rules, the US might lose many of them, and Canada will gain those. The chances of an equally competent tech industry in Canada is possible now, especially after big names like Amazon, Google, and Facebook opened offices in the country.

The latest to the H1B banter is that the US government might not allow spouses of H1B workers to work in the US. According to the program, spouses of H1B workers given with H4 visa, which allows them to work in the country. Before 2015, H4 visa holders weren’t permitted to work, but those issued after that had the privilege to work and support their H1B holder spouse. They weren’t allowed to obtain a social security number either. The rule was brought in by the then President, Barack Obama.

Department of Homeland Security announced in the third week of December that the government is thinking of reinstalling the old rules. Experts feel that this might encourage highly skilled or H1B workers to migrate to Canada. The North American country has a new Express Entry program that gives the work permit within two weeks. To get the H1B visa in the US, you need at least a year in hand. The fees employers have to pay are a lot higher in the US than in Canada.

Canada is Appealing

A secured job is a more lucrative offer than working in the US with so many restrictions. Dependents of work permit holders in Canada are allowed to work full-time, which makes it easier to support growing families and have a better lifestyle. Also, Canada is one of the safest countries in the world to raise a family.

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