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  • Study in the US like a citizen with H-1B visa
  • Study and work at the same time
  • Become an MBA and open your own company
Can A Person on H1B Visa Study?

Can A Person on H1B Visa Study?

After working for a while many people realise that they want to study further. Getting back to education is difficult at this moment because you are used to a lifestyle that you’ll have to give up for a few years. Many people have a simple question in mind. Can I study on an H1-B visa?

H-1B visa is a work visa that the US government gives to people belonging to STEAM fields.

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Let’s tackle a few questions relating to H-1B visa and studying in the US:

1. Can I study on an H-1B visa?

Yes, you can study part-time or full-time on an H-1B visa. It wouldn’t be possible for you study full-time because you have work. Enrolling in a part-time MBA or MS course is easy. Most part-time courses are in the evening from 5.30 pm to 9.30 pm for the convenience of those who are working and studying at the same time.

2. What is my status while studying?

It is compulsory for you to be on a payroll by your employer during the time you study. You have to study two subjects to get six credits. Most part-time courses let you to adjust your modules according to your comfort. You can take three or four years to complete a course. So, in one semester, you can take two subjects and get six credits or three subjects and get nine credits. If you are doing nine credits, it is considered full-time. The choice is yours and depends on how well you can manage it.

3. Am I an international student if I do a part-time course there?

It depends. If you are working in the US for a year and have paid your taxes properly, you can take classes according to in-state rates. It saves a lot of money as well. So if you plan to study further, always wait for a couple years.

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