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Alternate Options for H4 Workers To Continue Working After Trump Bans Program

Alternate Options for H4 Workers To Continue Working After Trump Bans Program

Soon, we will get to hear whether Trump administration will keep the H4 EAD visa program or ban. It is more likely that he will abolish the program, which was started in 2015 by the then president Barack Obama. Life is nothing less than a rollercoaster, and just because a downfall comes, you don’t stop living your dream. If Trump takes away your working authorities, you need to find an alternative, so that you achieve all those career goals you always dreamed of.

Here are alternatives for H4 workers to continue working in the US after Trump bans the EAD program:

1.H1B visa

Getting your employer to sponsor you through the H1B visa program is the most basic alternative. Many H4 EAD workers applied for the H1B visa program in this year’s lottery as a fall-back option if EAD program ends. If you already have a job, you won’t find it very challenging to get your employer to sponsor you because he has already seen your work.

2. Investing in EB5 program

EB5 visa is very expensive but it still an option. By investing $500,000 in an enterprise in a low employment area, you will become a permanent resident in less than 18 months. Once you have the US green card, you are free to work wherever you want. You also receive the money you invested after a few years.

3. Study

If you have studied only till the bachelor’s level, this is your chance to go back to college and get a master’s degree. Remember that if you have a master’s degree from an American university, you get two chances during the same H1B lottery.

4. Apply for a job that is exempt from the H1B cap

If you have the right qualification, you can apply for a US government job since they are exempt from the H1B yearly cap. You also get to enjoy the perks of a government job.

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