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  • Directors at Deustche Bank get paid the most
  • Professors are in huge demand in the US
  • Physicians get paid a lot too
5 Highest Paying H-1B Jobs in 2017

5 Highest Paying H-1B Jobs in 2017

H-1B visa is the ultimate passage of every Indian techie to living the American dream. The US government started the H-1B visa system to invite people from overseas to fill in jobs that Americans weren’t skilled for. The tech industry is most popular among Indians, accounting to over 53 percent applications.

Source: google

Here are five highest paying H-1B jobs in 2017:

1. Director, Deutsche Bank

All bank directors in the United States of America take a lot of salary home every year. However, directors at Deutsche Bank in New York city cap the highest salary. They get paid $276,696 every year.

2. Physician, Mayo Clinic

Doctors and general practitioners are in a huge demand in the US. Physicians at Mayo Clinic make $385,000 yearly. Physicians at Mayo Clinic’s Rochester branch get paid $273,410 annually on an average.

3. Senior Software Engineer, Netflix

Netflix became popular as soon as it stepped into the market. Working as a senior software engineer at Netflix will earn you $375,000 of annual salary. Netflix always invests in experienced software engineers and doesn’t hire interns or fresh graduates.

4. Business Assistant Professor, Harvard University

Education, engineering, and medicine pay the highest salaries in the US. Working as an H-1B holder business assistant professor at Harvard University will earn you $260,150 for a school year. It is a highly esteemed and prestigious job. Foreign language professors earn up to $209,514 for a school year.

5. Attorney, Skadden

Any country you settle in, attorneys will always be in demand. From handling legal to criminal matters, attorney salaries increase with experience. On an average, attorneys at Skadden earn up to $208,655 a year with around 22 percent earning as high as $260,000.


To get any of these jobs, you need years of experience and exceptional skills. Transferable skills like leadership, time management, and planning will take you to these positions in a shorter time.

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